Who are the Hollywood Producers? What do they do? What's the difference between the various types of producers, like Executive Producer, Associate Producer, Co-Producer, Line Producer and the Producer? Screenwriters should be familiar with the different types of producers and how they function in the entertainment industry! ASSOCIATE PRODUCER This is the person who... Continue Reading →

How To Write A Horror

The horror screenplay requires an understanding of the genre. Screenwriters are taught to give a protagonist an arc. In horror, a hero's arc might be non-existent. If a flaw is present, the hero might be killed off long before he achieves change. The killer may be the only one left standing. There are many standard... Continue Reading →

How to Write a Romantic Comedy

The romantic comedy, often referred to as a RomCom, is the most misunderstood of the genres and can be the most difficult spec script to sell. Around 95% of the RomComs purchased are from established, A-list screenwriters. The RomCom's formula-style often scares off the spec screenwriter. It's a stringent set of rules that can seem... Continue Reading →


Screenwriting is a specialized skill and even with the on-line courses, coaches and books available, many aspiring screenwriters receive a PASS from coverage services. There are ways to become a paid screenwriter. While there's no substitute for a great story, learning a few pro tips can help the screenwriter compete. As a story analyst for... Continue Reading →

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