Screenwriters – You’re Invited

During this difficult time that seems like we're living one of the movies we wrote, with social distancing and shelter-in-place, Extreme Screenwriting wishes screenwriters safety and good health. You're Invited to Join Extreme Screenwriting's YouTube Channel! To help those stuck at home, Extreme Screenwriting will be uploading TWO VIDEOS DAILY to our YouTube Channel: SCREENWRITING... Continue Reading →

Script Titles That Sell

First, it's advisable to start a feature film script with a working title that the writer can change later. It's easy for story analysts to spot an amateur solely by the script's title. How? Two things come to mind; 1) the title is long and sounds like a novel 2) the title is a cool... Continue Reading →

The Book Route

Aspiring screenwriters and TV writers should shift their focus from selling a screenplay or television series, to building an audience for their work. It might sound like a futile effort, after all, the screenplay isn't a movie yet and no one has seen the television series, so how does an audience fit into the 'selling'... Continue Reading →

Ghostwriter vs. Writing Partner

Writers considering a career in motion picture or television often prefer to write their own material. That's great, but the reality is Hollywood's a collaborative town. Eventually, the writer will have to work with others like co-writers, producers, actors and directors. A writer has the best chance at making a living as a screenwriter or... Continue Reading →

How to Get a Producer to Call You

It's time for screenwriters, TV writers and authors to take a new approach to marketing their work. Have you done any of the following: Entered ContestsAttended Pitch FestivalsSent out Queries Most writers have taken one of these approaches when marketing, often with little or no success. They can't get enough producers to read the material,... Continue Reading →

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