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During this difficult time that seems like we’re living one of the movies we wrote, with social distancing and shelter-in-place, Extreme Screenwriting wishes screenwriters safety and good health.

You’re Invited to Join Extreme Screenwriting’s YouTube Channel!

To help those stuck at home, Extreme Screenwriting will be uploading TWO VIDEOS DAILY to our YouTube Channel:


The Screenwriting Tutorials will cover plot & execution, characters, dialogue, scenes, and log-lines. Please feel free to submit screenwriting and industry questions for the Screenwriters’ Q&A Session Video to: Barb Doyon at

Questions will be answered in the order received. I’ll answer as many questions as possible daily in an allotted 5-10 minute video timeframe. Please submit only one question per screenwriter, per day and include your full name and location.

The daily uploads will begin Friday, March 20, 2020, and continue until further notice. To subscribe to Extreme Screenwriting’s YouTube Channel (it’s free), please CLICK HERE and hit the red SUBSCRIBE button.

Extreme Screenwriting looks forward to providing video content to its audience of writers.

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