Who are the Hollywood Producers? What do they do? What’s the difference between the various types of producers, like Executive Producer, Associate Producer, Co-Producer, Line Producer and the Producer?

Screenwriters should be familiar with the different types of producers and how they function in the entertainment industry!


This is the person who introduces a party with funding to a party in a position to make a movie, but lacks money. In other words, the Associate Producer introduces a Creative Source to a Money Source. By bringing the two together, a movie is made! This position is rarely paid, but sometimes receives a finder’s fee for referring one party to another. Most of the time, this person only receives a credit.


This is the money man! This is the person who brings the funds to the movie. The funds may have been allocated to him by a studio, his own bank account, an investment group or another source. He may bring in all the funds or partial funds and could share credit with another funding source referred to as the Co-Executive Producer.


This person helps the producer put together the pieces to logistically create a motion picture and often picks up the slack. Unlike the producer, this position holds no ownership rights in the film, but is often handsomely compensated.


This is the person who cuts the checks for the film. He’s in charge of overseeing the day-to-day budget on the set and could be called a motion picture accountant. It’s usually a hard-nosed person who won’t let the film go over budget with unnecessary expenses.


This is the screenplay buyer! He makes the motion picture happen from day one by attaching talent, the director, the location scouts, the wardrobe, the makeup, the art department, the special effects, film permits, the cinematographer, the assistants, the other producers, etc. Unlike the other producers mentioned above, the PRODUCER owns the motion picture. He oversees it from screenplay to big screen by way of development, pre-production, principle photography, post production and distribution. He’s the logistical core of how a motion picture is put together. Without this position, there is no motion picture.

All producers hold important functions in the making of a motion picture that comes together to bring the completed film to the big screen.

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